Mendy Grind

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Everyone finished the 93 yet? Been struggling for days trying to finish hes objective in div 4-5. Only got 1 assist left for the entire objective but damn it has been tough. Anyone else struggled like myself?


  • Chavez76
    9875 posts League Winner
    3 assists, and a crapton of goals to go. not played that much though :)
  • nicitel32
    3001 posts National Call-Up
    1 g and 6 a to go and i Will háve to do the iutside of box goals later with 87 in
  • SomeNextGuy
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    Finished him yesterday, I'd say 6 out of the 10 games for the 93 were mutually beneficial aggrements between me and my opponent. Some very helpful people around.

    I even came up against a relegator with a full bronze team, let me assist with Mendy and then quit.

    I almost feel like I cheated. 👀
  • Jonboyparker
    7569 posts League Winner
    You’ve got ages to do him. I wouldn’t say you're struggling if it’s nearly finished. You’ll have him today.

    I have him and in D5 bits that all I’ve done since he was released. Not going to rush Fernandes
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