This game. Even the transfer market is broken

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This game is becoming more of a joke. Was watching Kostic at 80k. Last minute put on bid. Goes up to 81.5k and counts down like I had won it. 5,4,3,2,1, then the circle spinning as normal. Leave the market, then all my coins are returned and have lost to a bid for 82k. What in heavens name happened?????


  • Blackpoolmonster
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    You lost on bid to someone else. Its quite obvious what happened?
  • Professor
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    Was this on the app? If so there is a glitch on bids and doesnt allows you to bid after a few bids and doesnt ways refresh correctly
  • Joestoe
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    It’s a glitch that has been running in the app since last year iirc. They just don’t bother to fix it.
  • S P 4 C E Y
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    Anyone else suffering with fast forward lag this week? Can't see anything wrong with my connection - though it could be. Just about every game has had it since the Mendy objective came online.

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