I'm lost in this game - should quit?

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I came from FIFA18, where I was actually good (never played the 19 edition) and mostly just play online seasons, since I'm not a big fan of the whole Ultimate thingy.

But since I got this 20 edition, that I have lost count of how many games I have lost and I have 0 enjoyment playing this. Sorry for the rant, but these are my questions/thoughts on this "awesome" experience:

- Where any of the guys responsible for the making of this game french? Or is there other reason for the in-game overpower of french players - and specially the national team - this year?

- Who is the drunkard that was responsible for the teams' ranking since FIFA18, at least? How can Man United have 4.5 stars, competing against other teams with the same ranking but with less quality players? Really fun to have most of my games against Man United, when I am playing with other 4.5 star teams. Same happened in the 2018 version with Liverpool, although I got used to play against it.

- How do I control the power of my passes, when the passing setting of my controller is automatic??? Every time I make a pass is like my grandmother is doing it.

- I have lost count of the different combinations I have tried with formations. custom tactics and player instructions. And all of them seem to have almost 0 impact on the game. Also, custom tactics are really limited, or is that just my impression?

- 80% of the opponents I play against can combine having their defense in front of the goalkeeper and still be able to press my players with 2/3 players - amazing!. And they can easily take the ball away from me with just one attacker. And their defence is solid! No one moves and they still win the ball - again, amazing!

- On the other hand, every time I defend, my defense is all over the place. Doesn't matter if I have my defense go back or making pressure, the result is always the same. And to steal their ball is usually a hard quest - either the ball goes straight to the attacker or they can easily pass through my player.

- When my opponents attack, they usually go with 5 players, all running forward and creating chances. When I attack, it's like my players are taking a walk n the park. Even walking forward is hard to ask of them. And again, doesn't matter if I have my tactics set for "long ball" or "balanced" or whatever.

- Are there more than 2 ways to have a 100% to score a goal in this game? Either the winger runs forward until he reaches my goal area and then cuts inside and scores - my player covering him is always "surprised" by that move, even though I know what he is going to do beforehand (amazing reaction!) - or ether by any player going straight into my goal area, pulling the ball backwards or sideways and shooting - it's like the game benefits the use of the same skill move.

- Are the referees blind in this game, or is it natural to have my players ran over by the opponent?

So yeah, I could write a lot of other things, but these seem to be the main reasons why I can't seem to enjoy this game. Before I was able to rely on my gameplay and simple transitions, now I have to become one of those kids that likes to "play in the sand" and do a lot of skill moves with the ball in order to score a f*** goal.

Do I need help or should I quit?


  • Bonusb3rtie
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    You are here to vent mate not for reasoned debate. A few other poor players will come round soon telling you the gameis trash too and you can all make yourself feel a bit better by blaming somthing else orher than your ability.

    So. Do whatever. No one cares. You have had your wee vent and strop about the game and thats great for you.

    Well done.

  • Bluemoon2393
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    Try taking the game more slower and pass and move and keep the ball. Also read what the player might do with the ball. Look for space and the more space you have the better. But also when defending make sure you have fast defenders who can counter attack when someone tries to sprint past you with Mbappe or someone that fast.

    Don't give up. The more you practice the better you become.
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