I am boycotting EA for good

EA will be releasing the FIFA 21 PC version the same as xbox one and PS4 version which means its not the version for Next-gen ... their excuse is that given the bulk of PC FIFA users are probably playing on an old, or medium-power PC. I mean come on are we that stupid ?! Fifa 20 could run at 8k on the low end PC's ... EA are just too lazy to make a port for next gen version of the game to PC so they are making excuses given that their main players are console gamers who are spoiled that they pay as much as building a new PC on the Ultimate team and buying packs , EA are literally stealing your money each year by making 3 versions of the game and the Ultimate version is for 99$ !! And in the end your getting a current gen version instead of a next gen version ... thats not all they even said that even FIFA 22 could be the version of PS4 and Xbox one ... and that we could be seeing the next gen version on PC starting from FIFA 23 ... i will never in my life again buy anything from EA .. i even uninstalled their client Origin


  • hhoverflow
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    pc is infested with cheaters...

    that's my last concern regarding this shady horrible company...
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