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I’ve just come up against a player whose had 99 Ronaldo 93 mbappe 93 Neymar and 96 I’ve played ultimate team for 3 years and finish gold 1/2 and my best ever pick for value is 450k 88 firminio which was about 2 year ago.this player was around my level we eventually drew so he’s not a top level player so he’s not hitting elite levels but still packing around 10 mil worth of reds it’s rediculous


  • razor_ro
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    i finish gold 2/3 consistently, i never packed anything great in reds until last week... packed red TOTSSF CR7 ...

    i wasnt even excited cause the game is over... i overhauled my team, freed up some coins, and built around all my really good ungtradeables... bought some expensive icons with approx 4mil worth of coins... and still finished gold 2... ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this POS game
  • Iron_works
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    Yeah like I said reds have never paid out for me but I can understand packing 1 good 1 I’ve even seen 2 but never 3 high level ones in 1 team and even Ramos who if I’d of got him in any of mine would of considered it my best ever.
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