92 diaby upgrade?

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So I've read that the recent added fut heat SBC 92 diaby will get upgraded to 95 if Leverkusen wins.

What's with the other fut heat cards? Will 93 ndombele get upgraded too for example?


  • Ledesale
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    I believe they said something about head to head cards where they would release two cards corresponding to an upcoming game and whoever won would get a +3 upgrade. In case of a tie its a +1 to each card. I'm guessing diaby and boetius are the first to do this (havent actually logged on to the game so I don't know for sure)
  • EisenErmin
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    Boetius and Diaby are the first ones to be upgraded +3 or +1

    This does not apply for Ndombele or Perisic. 100% sure !
  • BK1892
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    EA put out a tweet earlier saying this was the first showdown, or something along those lines.

    Got me thinking about the next one though and I’m almost certain there will be one for Liverpool v City next week. Possible title clincher for Liverpool and if there is one I’d put money on Firmino being one of the picks (which I’d do in a heartbeat).
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