Why dont custom tactics work?

How comes when I have players on min depth and stay back whilst attacking and in ultra defence are they still way out of position? This game is by far the worst football game to be created


  • marktko
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    I been asking same question. Never get a response. All out defend park the bus tactics etc and defence still gets caught out with gaping holes.

  • CheekiBreeki00
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    You're what's wrong with this game. "Help me my park the bus counter attack tactics aren't holding my hand and making me win"

    So glad I quit this shambles of a series
  • Kobayashi
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    If you actually dare to come out of your own half they will be 'out of position', are you trying to compare to the little 1 depth image showing all your back 4 sat inside own penalty area. Lol
  • marktko
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    I'm just asking them to stay back. An easy ask in real football.

    So that's whats wrong with this game. And your attitude
  • Gloria_ou_Morte
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    Custom tactics are completely messed up in Fifa 20.

    Completely ignores some instructions, and some custom tactics "exploited" by many, makes any cheap team play like 99 icons.

    Most here are against "bus parking" mainly because they don't know a thing about football and want easy wins for their exploited "very high pressure and deep winger runs".

    It has been like this since almost day 1.
  • lionxbox360
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    AI players destroy the authenticity of the game. Some AI players have crystal balls, know every move of opponents in advance, automatically block every pass, every shot, and stand in the right position where the ball was clear. While on the other hand, some AI players are never trained, just stand/walk on the pitch when defending, some AI defenders stand on the deep position do nothing, to let opponents to run into dangerous areas without any offside.

    Why there are so much gap of intelligence between AI players ?

  • lionxbox360
    20 posts Last Pick at the Park
    When I click the button of Ultra Attack tactics, or team pressing when try to get back on the game late on, I don't understand why majority players of mine are still staying back in the own half, and no players seem to interest in pressing up the pitch or close opponents down, while opponents are trying to defend the narrow win back in their own half towards the end of the game.

    You may not face this issue when you always play with Liverpool, Man City, Man United or strong 5 star teams who press all the time automatically. I usually play lower tier teams such as 3 stars, 3.5 stars, 4 stars team, it happened very often.
  • marktko
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    Exactly There is no AI
    15 posts Ball Boy
    In FIFA AI is artificial ignorance
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