Your experience with EA technical support

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Personally, I find that the technical assistance is not terrible at all. Some lack knowledge and professionalism. They often say anything and respond illogically, making copied and pasted responses, which sometimes have nothing to do with the problem. Or they make mistakes that embarrass the customer, the worst part is that they sometimes reject their own fault, it's mind-boggling. In short, if it is to help me in this way, I do not see the need for help, sometimes it is worse than good.

EA frankly has to do something and give more power to each player's respective personal account.

If this continues, I make a frisbee with the Fifa CD and I will launch it directly in EA studios. It will be marked: there is enough!


  • Dave2829
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    There clearly reading from a script as they all say the same thing and only help they give is to tell u to post in forum or accept that it's your fault and there's nothing wrong with the game
  • Bluemoon2393
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    The game is never going to be perfect. Everyone just likes to moan about FIFA is rubbish and still buy it and play on it.

    It's simple. If you don't like the game. Don't play on it. Sell it.

    I'm not saying your not allowed to have a opinion on the game. Every game learns through whats done right and what could be done better.
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