Lag Compensation needs to go EA!

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Can we please go back to the people with poor connections being put at a disadvantage instead of it being the other way around?

I'm sick of losing games because I have a great connection. This game doesn't make sense at all. It's the only online game in the world that the player with the best connection gets punished. Makes no sense whatsoever.


  • CFCHenri
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    This issue needs to be a huge talking about.

    Done everything to make my internet setup future-proof, only FIFA puts me at a disadvantage.
  • TDOF
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    Nothing you can do till EA change the NET code.....
  • Wi1son73
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    Just had to come off fifa there as if I didn’t I would of broke something. I could barely move any of my players, tried to tackle but nothing, even getting close to my opponent was nonexistent. But this happened after I scored a goal. Hmmmm
    All bloody day I’ve had these sketchy very heavily delayed slug fest games. So frustrating 🤬🤬 Out of all the BS fifa throws at us, THIS is by far the most annoying....🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • d3b4s1s
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    The way it’s been past couple of years, I’m starting to believe it’s a mechanism put in the game intentionally to create/assign advantage/disadvantage. Some games, you can simply tell from the get go by how your players act/react. It’s not even subtle.

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