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I think one of the major problems with this game is impatience. That’s not an E.A sport issue. Let me explain.

I notice with objectives that everything has to be done quickly. If you have to grind something out the community becomes impatient at times. Hence why people ask during games to help with objectives. You have 30 days to do the Mendy objectives but it seems the mentality is l must get that card straight away.

I notice over the years people’s play styles where they put 3 or 4 up front on a fast build up counter attack. If you don’t play CDM’s it’s very dangerous. However, many don’t so it isn’t as effective. People blame the game for being bad but this style of impatience has been used over the years. Instead of people learning the best way to play FIFA each year unfortunately when they use the same impatient play style they blame the game.

Whilst there are many things wrong with this game l do believe not everything is EA’s fault and no matter what they do they will get blamed. It just seems to me people look for a broken mechanic, a bug, a cheat to play this game to achieve something quicker and for that reason l do think this franchise will always be one that is “broken” in some way or other.


  • gregsii
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    I'm not sure what your point is to be honest?

    What isn't EA's fault?
  • Blackpoolmonster
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    Imagine writing all that without making any valid point :D
  • NucksNation
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    Well I don’t want to grind 30 days for a player I could use NOW or TOMORROW.. almost end of June and waiting another 25days just because you have the time is pointless, this is not school that you have 30days to do a project then wait till the night before and you start an hour before bed..
  • gutman22
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    This happens because gaming is being treated as a professional sport, not for fun.
  • Gromit
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    For some objectives, like Icon Swaps it was an advantage to do them ASAP because everyone else was doing them and using all their low rated first owner cards. Leave it too long and you're back to playing peoples strongest teams.
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