How to defence ?

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i have problem with this game specially in ultimate team . i feel my defense is so bad or may be the opponent have too god defense and attack at the same time always lose easy cuz of opponent have much better ai movement i feel like they have secrets in this game and no one wanna say it . i wanna know how some people have very strong attack and defense at the same time from the start of the match to the end without losing any stamina and attackers move so good and u can do nothing u have no chance to create it even. i can play well and know all basics and a lot of advanced tips and have good team . i cant describe this better than that but i mean it literally i have no chance against them whatever i do is there a secret or i miss something i like fifa i bought it from fifa 2011 but this one made me rage very hard i uninstalled it many times cuz of this .btw i tried almost all formations and tactics and instructions.
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