EA you are nothing more than lazy cash grabbing scum

385 posts Sunday League Hero
Switch version another legacy edition 3 years in a row no gameplay changes just kits and team updates and menus?? How pathetic and lazy and expecting people to pay full price for the privilege. You can take a walk you thieving bunch of muppets


  • maketo
    3 posts Ball Boy
    hope another football game if fifa 21 doesnt agree futchampions and division rivals at least
  • noobody
    7 posts Ball Boy
    they dont even fix glitches too. played manager mode before and it changed the age of my young players to 60 suddenly. some similar thing happened in 18 but it is still not fixed. they are lucky that there is no other football games for switch
  • mikepg
    19 posts Ball Boy
    It’s clear they don’t care about the Switch, sad but true
  • Dont buy it.
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