This Game - Holy Crap

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Ok so, this game is 100% rigged with its packs.

Out of the 3 'deluxe' packs I got players I have packed already, all right backs.

The ultimate sbc I got Trent and and the 2nd 'free' one I got Kimmich (a man I had already).

I also got Trent from red picks two weeks running.

I saved up 25 packs for the 'Summer Heat' promo in the hope I would pack some decent card.

Baring in mind, I have just done the Lucas Moura moments SBC, the only card that wasn't useless out of the 25 packs I opened was SS Lucas Moura.

Like what?

There is coding in this game / packs that gives you stuff you already have, I am 100% sure of it. There is no other explanation for this bullsh!t.


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    All you can do is laugh really.
  • gregsii
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    Just to prove my point some more.

    I have two icons in my club
    92 maldini and 90 Zola.

    Look who I pack in the prime SBC....


    Just lol
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