Ridiculous match making.

Why is it every time as an average player you go on a run in seasons in a high division say D2 and have a 3 games left to win a title or promotion every time you come up against players with ridiculous records ... I have played three full seasons today and its always the same I come up against people with records like 75-5-12 or 340-16-99 or the best one 98-1-1 how is the match making even remotely fair ????????? I get it in seasons cups as you are going to come up against better players and most of the soft gits play in lower cups to protect their ridiculous records anyway, but in normal seasons games you should be matched with players with similar records. With the amount of data collected in the game the match making should be way more fair and accurate but it just seems like EA like to protect the fan boys an give them easy pickings ..... and even if you give them a game you can virtually guarantee in the last 5 minutes your keeper or defender will do something ridiculous to let them in to get a winner. Played one guy today its 3 - 3 in the 92nd minute clean through hit the post he just hoofs it up field only for my last defender to miss a nailed on header to clear and he runs through and scores easily after being battered for 90 minutes by a player with a worse record but everything he touches or does is gold ..... this game is a joke sort your sh*t out EA.... MAKE IT FAIR .... BIN OFF THE REALISM the better player should win its a computer game the AI or players record
should not determine the result !!!!!!!!


  • YidArmy
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    There's no way you could have it so you're only matched with people with a similar record as yours. You get matched already to people in the same division or as close as possible.

    I've played Online Seasons for years and its never bothered me at all the people I'm facing. You get matched on divison, thats enough.
  • @YidArmy.... Shut up you clown so what your saying is if this was real football based on actual results .... the bottom of the league team would be happy playing the top team every game of the season........ bet your a fan boy aren't you......(try and do a bit of research and maybe watch some real football or look at a league table or two) and just to put it in perspective to prove the AI has way to much involvement in the game ... I just conceded a goal and whilst some said good record fanboy is doing his ridiculous celebrations my centre back just walks over and falls over my keeper who for some reason is still kneeling down .... YEAH ❤️❤️❤️❤️*NG GREAT REALISM EA you see that week in week out dont you ...... er no !
  • @YidArmy also your maths ain't the best mate if I'm playing a guy with a record of 98-1-1 he's a D1 player in D1 i'm neither ..... I rest my case,
  • YidArmy wrote: »
    There's no way you could have it so you're only matched with people with a similar record as yours. You get matched already to people in the same division or as close as possible.

    I've played Online Seasons for years and its never bothered me at all the people I'm facing. You get matched on divison, thats enough.

    ..... how would it not be possible to be matched with people ? with similar stats the matchmaking already runs division and team .... why not bin that off and run similar won and lost stats ?
  • YidArmy
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    Wow....three rage responses to my non confrontational comment.

    Sounds like Fifa is causing you alot of grief at the moment. I'm defintely not a fanboy, this game has serious issues, I was just saying in my experience playing Seasons its never bothered me who I'm playing against. Sometimes you get runs of people on your level or below and then sometimes better players.
  • Bigza86
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    the Seasons matchmaking is pretty simple. You can be matched with other players in your division, as well as one division up and one division Down. IF you are in Div 2. you will be match against players in Divisions 1,2, and 3. If you are in Div 1, you will only be matched with those in Div 1 and 2.

    Online seasons has a lot of problems, mostly involved with connection and game responsiveness. I've never thought that matchmaking was a problem. It's usually not that the other player is the problem but that the game is having a connection issue and server problems
  • lionxbox360
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    No offense to anybody, I prefer strong opponents, and like to play with Div 1 or opponents with superb record, no matter the outcome is win/draw/lost. It is a test of skill and challenges, but in many times, I scratch my head wondering how can these higher ranking gamers control the players running faster and pressing harder than my players, without dropping the energy level ? Why my players look like school team ball boy wandering, but opposing players look highly professional and know every direction ?

    On the other hand, I cannot imagine how one of my opposing gamers can switch players like a thunder. I have seen the arrow on top of my opposing players keep flashing around all their players, it means he is switching players in lightning speed and taunting me. How to do this multiple player switch in less than a second ?

  • Bro match making in this game is a joke I had to stop playing weekend league because the match making is a joke the do it to regulate rewards every week its a joke
    Asked all my oppents wat record they where last two weeks and out of 30 opponent's I asked 20 of them where a minimum plus 7 wins than me
  • Yet more proof this game is BS just played a guy... D1 player (@Ultimate_Pasty ) he had a far better record than I have W105 D16 L35 or some sh*t like that I had 56% possession 9 shots 7 ON TARGET.... he has 6 shots 1 ON TARGET which comes in the 80 something'th minute ..... from a passing error which went in a completely different direction to which I was aiming for (and those of you who say lag or crap like that I have a fine connection and am a network guy so I monitor my connection constantly) It was nothing to do with lag.... The better player in the match should win not the guy with the with the better record because he probably spends more on ultimate team. Why does EA keep feeding us this S*** AND WHY DO WE KEEP COMING BACK FOR SECONDS.

  • Just read this strange rule of matchmaking 1 level up and 1 down. I don’t think it’s fair at all. The matchmaking should be strictly at the same division. I am seriously thinking about quitting FIFA and looking for other options
  • Get relegated to D2 guess what 5 games in a row playing D1 players with amazing records ITS A JOKE
  • Bonusb3rtie
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    Good grief guys, fifa is trying to find matches for you, sometimes you will get better players than you, sometimes you will get worse. Its the great thing sbout the game as it is varied.

    No other game will come CLOSE in finding you an opponent as quickly as Fifa does. PES? Dont make me laugh. If you play as as the lowest rated team in the whole of PES you will still probs get matched with Bayern Munich (Divisions mode) it's ridiculous. Fifa is best by a country mile.
  • @Bonusb3rtie please do explain to me how playing D1 players 5 games in a row who have great records when you are a D2 player with a not very good record is varied ???????? So what you are saying is teams like Charlton who sit way down the EFL Championship would be happy playing Liverpool 5 games in a row to try and stay in their division ...... Joker ! you clearly no nothing about Football..... Yes you expect to play better teams but in seasons there is a reason that mid table teams are all mid table ... What is that reason... I hear your dumb ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ask ? Well son its because all those teams are of similar quality and ability which is how the matchmaking should work in Fifa. Not D1 players with records like W221 D12 L28 playing someone who has way more losses than wins in D2 .... does that make it a bit easier to understand for your simple brain.
  • Bonusb3rtie
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    You are quite agitated eh 😆😆😆

    So funny man.

    Just get better and these problems go away. It will pick a team similarly rated to you, so whats the big deal.

    You know, a coin toss might come up heads 5 times, its still random. Hopefully thats not too tricky my friend to work out.

    It matches you up against people with simalarly rated teams either mostly in the same division or a division above and below. That's the criteria dude. It worked.

    It's certainly nothing to get angry about.

    Do you want them to magically invent a person with as garbage a record as you, with the same team in the same division, ready to play a game at the exact time as you?

    Sorry mate fifa can do a lot of things but it can't create life 😉

    You will improve by playing better people. Take this as a blessing. You are welcome.

  • @Bonusb3rtie ...... Yes my record may be garbage but just saying my point still stands a lower league team would not be happy playing the top of the higher league week in week out especially if they as that is clearly not fair match making. If you were not such a narrow minded fan boy you would actually acknowledge that this is a fair point .... go take your awesome record and shove it where the sun don't shine you whopper !
  • Laar72
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    Match making isn't right. I have played +100 seasons, still see ridiculous unfair game, and yes it happens when it is important to move up to higher division, to avoid moving down, or maintaining your team in the same division.
    Clear example I have experience recently: how do you consider a fair match having Arsenal (PL) or AC Milan (Serie A) vs Tigres (Liga MX), LAFC (MLS) vs Wolverhampton (PL), Chivas (Liga MX) vs Atalanta Bergame (Serie A), Bahia (Brazil) vs Ajax (Eredivise)... and more.
    PACE, PHY, ACCELERATION, SPRINT, JUMP, HEAD... is so superior that it gives it gives a ridiculous advantage to one team, even we play in the same division.
    Imagine Arsenal match making range from Barcelona to Tijuana Xolos, regardless of the division and skills of players, there is a big difference at kick-off... which often make an even more difference at the end of the game.
  • Dunkirk
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    I’m 100% convinced that Bogus Bertie is either a EA plant or just a stupid troll. Either way, utterly useless!
  • Bonusb3rtie
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    Guys guys guys. You DO realise, if you match up against one of these "unfair" teams, you can always quit before kickoff? Right? RIGHT?

    YOU have the choice.

    And if you get matched up against a better player in a higher division? Tough, thats how the game works.

    Ps You can also filter this to make it even more fair, though you will have to wait longer because, like I said, EA cant magic up humans to play against you.

    PPS Go and play an alternative gsme where matchmaking is more fair.

    Oh, there isnt one? Do you ever wonder what that is guys? Come on, THINK.

    Im sorry that Fifa cant supply a list of people you can beat. I suggest that you deal with it and PRACTICE. Playing good players makes you BETTER. You should be thankful of tougher opponents. Why does everyone want babied these days??
  • @Bonusb3rtie mate I'm happy playing better players I don't want babying I want a fair game with fair match making. The maths is simple there should be less players in Division 1 than there are in the lower divisions so why is it every time I am in D2 or D3 irrespective of what team star rating I use 8 games out of 10 I will play players from the higher division ..... I'm not sure how anyone can consider that "fair" match making.
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