Steam summer sale.

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Hopefully the steam summer sale is coming in a week or so. Is there any game you are hoping for?

On a side note when buying bundles do you have to buy the soundtrack too? I don’t really care for the soundtracks as much would be nice if I could still get the bundle of game and dlcs without the soundtrack for cheaper but not sure if that is possible.


  • RadioShaq
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    Was rumored to start today. Not sure if it still will or not.

    Just finished Ori and the blind Forrest. Made me a fan of 2d side scrollers again. Hoping for dead cells or the second Ori because the first was so good.

    Also hoping for hades and monster train. A lot of slay the spire clones have come out and I enjoyed that game.
  • Azof
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    Got £40 to blow on games il never play.

    Just get gamepass it includes Ori and Dead Cells.

    Didn't like Ori myself
  • RadioShaq
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    It’s finally here. I was looking at the origin and game pass. Kinda bummed games leave after 2 years it looks like on origin. On game pass it looks like it’s monthly so might be better off buying them on sale.

    I also wanted xmorph defense it was cheaper a few weeks ago I think bah. Been watching northernlion and splattercatgaming lately and they have got me into a lot of cheap indie titles.

    Also wanted kentucky route zero and water taste like wine. Thought those would be some odd games. Kentucky one didn’t drop as much as I would of thought.

    I think I got Ori for about 5 dollars for what it’s on sale for now. I liked it for that price. The second one is a little over 20 so might wait till it drops more.
  • RadioShaq
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    Monster train is pretty good so far. I haven’t even tried playing another game I bought. If someone likes slay the spire you should try monster train as it’s pretty similar. I like buying games for more of a sale than think it was around 22 dollars but since it’s new it seemed worth it to me after playing.

    Still have my eye on enter and exit the gungeon and the binding of isaac but monster train will take up many hours.
  • Knowlesdinho
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    @RadioShaq The binding of Isaac is a must buy. Hard, but never unrewarding. Each play through is completely different.
  • RadioShaq
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    I ended up buying it. Played just a little bit. I think I will like it when I get more time to play. I have been spending all my time on monster train online and offline mode.
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