Bring Back Icon SBCs

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Fifa 21 is around the corner.

Would you like to see Icon SBCs brought back?

I would.


  • Andyh60
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    Plenty more about this on other posts but yes cant have too many as totally true and obvious.

    Shall I just put it this way,

    EA I WILL BUY FIFA POINTS so I can then get more fodder to put into ICON SBCs

    Actually true aswell, 12 months ago brought 12k of points during tots just to get a R9 that bit quicker.

    Right now game is dead so why even play it let alone buy points, hmm EA you smell my card and points, bring back icon sbcs and you'll be happy :)
  • Stone_cold_tea93
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    I know we see multiple threads on this but I feel the first page should be filled with threads like this to stress how much we want them back.

    No stupid player pick icon SBCs. Not icon swaps. No new versions of Icons released halfway through the cycle to reset the calendar.

    Icon SBCs just like Fifa 18
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