tactical mistake

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It is important to detect that it is not enough to have amplitude only, for defense and attack if you do not have the defensive balance.
What are the consequences of this? if we open more, 8 squares onwards, the team is compact, but without high marks in the ball sector, and not only at the exit of the opponent game. If we close, the team closes in the middle, 1, 2, 3 squares, but with spacing between the athletes and, consequently, without compression. If we look at Liverpool, for example, when there is a side throw from the opposing team, for example, in the right defensive sector, it is normal to see Salah, who is from the left, coming close, along with Firmino and Mané, in the right sector, because is the ball sector. Therefore, not only have amplitude ahead, it is necessary to balance, squeezing in the sector of the ball, as the various videos on tactics available. Thank you.
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