never received ultimate totssf compensation pack

i just chatted with ea help and they said i needed to come here for help. i never received the compensated ultimate pack following the technical issue and i would like to receive it.


  • Orison
    55392 posts National Treasure
    You were too late to open the pack
  • GL
    12407 posts Has That Special Something
    You only get the compensation pack if you completed the SBC in the first hour it came out before it got taken down.

    When did you complete the SBC?
  • Hippyboy6
    17506 posts World Class
    They did most of us over with that mate, free Sancho's for the lucky few
  • LeonidasJB
    16781 posts World Class
    EA can see exactly when you opened it.
    They can tell if you opened it early and you would have recieved your 'extra' TOTS.
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