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I would like to suggest the following changes to career mode:

Allow the creation of youth players to add to youth academy during the off season.

Add Youth tournaments to focus training on youth players only

Allow edits to youth players found by scouts. This edit should only be to their name and physical traits, not the ability numbers.

While in career mode, the Manager should receive notifications for potential open positions with other pro clubs that are lower on the table due to not having good seasons (relegation position, etc..), not just the top teams in each league. All leagues should be included, not just the current league the manager is playing in. Job offers would depend on the success of the manager and appear in in his inbox about midway through the season or at the end of the season.

Allow the Manager the ability to resign his managerial position with his pro club without applying for a position with another club. This would create a more realistic feeling when other clubs would send job offers to the Manager who just resigned. it creates a more competitive atmosphere.


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    I do agree there needs to be some kind of improvement because at the moment Career mode is really just a dead mode it needs looking after and improving.
  • I've also noticed clubs reject your application far too often and you have to constantly check which teams are available bc theyll disappear within a week. Plus when you apply to one, that's you're only shot. The other teams are suddenly gone.. I want step down from my big club and build a new smaller club. But only big clubs hire. Rarely do real betis, flourintina, wolves, Bournemouth, Schalke, etc etc hire. And if you didnt have an excellent season theyll reject you.
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