Time for a rant.

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Issues I’ve frequently experienced this weekend:
Passes being off target (by a lot)
Through balls being over hit.
My players seeming to be made out of smoke and opposition players being lead walls.
Players running past the pass.
Shots being wildly off target.
Rebound goals
Tackle upon tackle failing to take the ball from my opponent.
Tackle animations happening late and locking my player out of the game.
My players seeming to spend an inordinate amount of time lying down after being tackled.
Opponents who are invincible while ball-roll to drag back chaining.
Defenders standing still when right next the the call or opposing player instead of intercepting.
A distinct lack of fouls being awarded.

There’s is probably more atrocious gameplay examples but I’d better stop before I grind my teeth to dust.

TLDR: gameplay cack. I’m sick of it.
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