Can we name and shame?

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Just played a game where I lost 3-1.

In the first half it wasn't clicking. I had hit the post, keeper saved 2 I'd have normally scored. I tried to pass to my oncoming player who was through but passed it to my offside player instead. Just wasn't happening.
Despite being 3-0 down at half time I knew I was going to win it. 3 lucky counter attacks while I was confortably better.

47th minutes in and in 1 swift move it clicked. Fast passing and instant 3-1. HERE COMES THE PAIN SON. it's game on. I think he knew I was going to batter him and then he passed the ball around the back for the rest of the match. The worst of the worst. Scum. It's a game not life and death.
These need put in a little league of their own.


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