MLB Diamond Dynasty vs FUT

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Anybody like to see these things implemented
I absolutely love MLB diamond dynasty but just enjoy playing FIFA more.

Here’s some things that MLB does that Fifa could do.

Events Games - They do things like all gold teams vs all gold teams, all silvers vs all silvers or non top 5 leagues vs non top 5 leagues.

Every amount of wins you get packs or rewards. 10 wins for a pack 25 for a player (88 rated or whatever) up to 150 wins which would be a high rated card like an Icon or a 90 rated player.

Yes you can sell that player as well! You earned the right to get the icon and make money off of him. The faster you do it the more money you can make. OR if you don’t feel like doing the event you can still buy the card off the market.

Team Collections - Collect every card for a team and get a player maybe even an icon. Get an 89 rated Bobby Moore if you collect all West Ham players or even if you collect all Ajax players you can get a 95 rated Ziyech or whatever.

Even if you collect Championship side Leeds you can get a 92 rated Phillips.

Collect every bronze get a 91 Cruyff
Collect every silver get a 95 Zidane
Collect every gold get a 98 Pele
Collect every card get R96 or maybe a R95 version. That way you can still pull better cards in packs.

Collect a whole premier league For example and you can get a 93 rated Henry or 93 Shearer.

Yes I get that there’s League SBCs but you have an opportunity for every team to get an 85 rated card or whatever that will actually instead of a silver players pack or something pointless. Even if you get a 74 rated or high 64 rated card it will still feel way better than getting nothing when you finish these leagues. And it adds so much variety at the end of the day.

Team Programs - certain things will give you points on the way to 100 or 500 whatever. Play 1000 games (each player counts as 1 up to 14 players a game) and get 10 points. Score 100 goals with a players from a team get 10 points.

Every 25 points or so you’ll get a reward. Like a 87 rated Dele at 50 points a 93 rated Kane once you get to 100 points. Can even add silver ones like a 74 rated Kane at 25 points so you can use them in silver events.

Instead of WL have seasons that last a month. The more wins you get the higher the SELLABLE reward you get.

Actually keep WL there but there should be a reward for people who only want to play on weekdays that’s comparable in some way.

With having collections and programs for every team you will actually see a difference in teams in division rivals that are incredible. Also since every team having an 88 - 92 rated card out there you’ll see much more variety than the same 100 players you’ll see every game.

Team of the Week packs. MLB has specific packs based on events. Imagine having Fut Birthday based on 5 tiers and you choose the player you get. Yes you can open multiple and not be miserable to get that FB Muniain so you can put him in FB collections. Collect 50 FB cards (that you have to lock in and make untradeable) and you get that FB Mbappe card. Still super expensive but it is technically available to all!

Sell Coins! I can spend $8000 in a year and still have no chance at getting prime ronaldo in a top side team. It’s incredible! The game lasts one year! I shouldn’t have to spend a ton of money on a CHANCE to get a top side. If I look at the top end players in MLB I can tell myself well I can just buy the coins to get this player.

I just want at the end of the day to feel like I’m really playing towards something specific every game. Whether it be working on 1000 goals for a specific team or I’m going to accrue enough wins to get a high end card or even spending coins on packs. I’m sick of playing to Pretend I have a higher chance at a card which is still unobtainable.

EVERY CARD is obtainable in MLB even if it takes you 10 months you can’t say the same about Fifa.

I don’t care if I gotta score 1000 goals with every single team in this game. There just has to be a road marked to get Prime Ronaldo or Gullit that doesn’t involve sitting on the market for hours in end.

There’s also things like Rookie cards, no contracts, no position changes or chemistry (to deal with OCD) that I would love to see but these things would be such a great start rather than just playing and wishing my luck will turn around.

TLDR; make every card in some way obtainable in some way. Make every game I grind feel like I’m working towards something. Even if I lose I’m still earning points towards something. Every card that I pack feel like it’s going towards something.


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    Also in MLB drafts You get the chance to get High end cards.

    If you go 12-0 you get a card that can sell for the equivalent of millions of coins. Imagine having CR7 being the reward for going 12-0 in the first week and being able to sell him. Yes the price will eventually go down but it’s better than getting 2 100k packs where your prize is 83 rated cards and lower.

    Eventually more rewards are added that you can pick and can sell them on the market.
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    Even just loading up the screen.

    Forgot you play and get xp after every game up to level 400 basically.

    At every 100 levels you chose a 99 player.

    Pick one out of a set 5 which And you get another one at level 200, 300 and the last 2 at 400.

    On your way to level 400 you get the same thing but lesser cards. 92 rated at level 50 another one at level 150 and so forth.

    Simple things that can add variety to a game screaming that there are possibilities out there for variety.
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