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I just have a question, when will this issue been resolved ?, I've been playing Fifa ultimate team since Fifa 17, and the same problem still exist, 80 % of the time while playing division rivals, I get to play against people who are using legacy defending and other cheats, I cannot make a single pass, I can't dribble with the ball for 10 meters, I get pressured and pressure and beaten by them, BTW my team is 94 rated and nearly lost to a 81 rated team, because the guy cheated, and I'm in division 3, so I'm not a random guy who just complains for every loss and can't play the game.

We need answers from EA, cheaters ruined to the only game we love, so will there be any actions taken against cheating on the PC console, or we will have to deal with rage and pressure every day, this is not fun this is a misery, with that being said if this problem insists, I think many players including myself will not purchase Fifa 21, because this is unacceptable, it saddens me so much to say this but, its better to play a random old dos game than to play against a cheater.

PLEASE EA save your game and value your humble players, and put an end to this misery, insert an anti cheat engine to the game to stop this.


  • I have the same issue, A lot of opponents are using pressure insanely with 2 defenders at the same time and the fut champion last 2 3 weeks is ridiculous. Fifa becoming worst more and more each year.
    I don't think I will get Fifa 21, It's time to retire from this psychological stress
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    Typej wrote: »
    I just have a question, when will this issue been resolved ?

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    Funny that he realy thinks, EA is going to do anything about it. Feels sorry mate. You cant rely on EA. EA is a poor trash Company who isnt able to create a balanced and not fully random based Game.
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