2014 Fifa World Cup HELP

Hey guys

The servers for this game close on the 30th however in the story of the finals mode not all of the objectives are loading making some of the achievements unobtainable does anyone know how to fix this. I’ve spoken to lots of people having the same issue. It would suck if a glitch means I can’t get them before server closure.


  • Can you guys help here? I have completed every major and minor objective with no achievement pop. It is very disappointing that I will not get this achievement due to a bug on the games end. Especially, with the server closure imminent. @EA_Roger @EA_Andy @EA_Rtas @EA_DarDar @Zhen @EA_Cade
  • Noseman
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    I’m a huge fan of the all FIFA games and especially the World Cup games.
    From the beginning of FIFA RTWC 98 I’ve played all qualifications and the games very often.
    World Cup 1998, World Cup 2002, World Cup 2006, World Cup 2010 and finally World Cup 2014.
    The most impressive soccer game EA sports ever made. The crowd is amazing, the atmosphere when
    playing the games, it’s lovely. The most countries ever in a game, so you can qualify with all countries,
    like New Caledonia, Sao Tomé & Principée or the Maldives, it’s perfect.

    One of the biggest surprises and loveliest things I’ve ever had in a game was the stories of finals, every day
    on the world cup you’ve got new challenges of the tournament. Very, very nice! I’ve played them all,
    I’ve also get all challenges for the qualification, I’ve qualified with all 6 continents.
    I didn’t play online my selves, but for sure lots ‘of people did, had fun with the road to Rio
    de Janeiro and then it became 30. June.

    Goodbye to all my challenges, goodbye to all skills games, goodbye to all my saved rewards, goodbye
    to all-star and classic team. You can’t play with them and also not use your rewards.
    I’ve set up now with the last final World Cup squads, but cannot change it to old, because this update also
    is not possible any more.
    Why Ea Sports,? I’ve paid for the whole game, played a lot, but all this stuff went away, but now it’s a half game.
    Is there not a possibility to get this back?
    Because I still play this game and like to get some rewards for my prestation’s, in my XBOX account all rewards
    are still visible, but unplayable.
    If you can set this back for me it’s great. Off course it will be still a shame that my world cup game didn’t
    have the experience of before, but it still is a lovely game.

    Hopefully you can (re)set the server back and give me, my World Cup (complete) back.
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