Hello Everyone,

I am from Pakistan.... my internet provider needs a DESTINATION I.P but how would i know to which server i get connected to ?
Please share the DESTINATION I.P for me
I play fifa on PS4... Please assist


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    The only way to find out would be to log onto your router / firewall and check the logs.

    Find out your public IP by googling 'what is my ip'. Once you've got that check the logs and look for source IP address (your public IP) through port 3569 I think, anything going outbound on that port is guaranteed to be you connecting to EA servers.
    On some routers it may show traffic coming from your ps4, so find the IP out of your ps4 as well, or Xbox or pc, whatever you play on, but in my experience it's just traffic outbound from your public IP on specific ports (mostly 3569)

    Once you've found those logs, you should see the IP addresses of the servers / data centres you are connecting to.
    You can do IP lookups to find the location of the datacentre that you are connecting to.

    Ive managed to completely block playing on Dutch servers now as they seem to be the most laggy for me.
    The data centre in Amsterdam is called i3d, looks decent but it's just too far away from me.

    What router/firewall do you have?

    If you need assistance doing any of the above, let me know.

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