Deepening about FIFA

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After analyzing several versions of fifa over the years, I notice that we don't have any real football game today.

Pes, it's been bankrupt for a long time, fifa, until the 18th, was still a little more real, nowadays no more, for the reasons that I will explain:

1) If you don’t buy better players, you don’t play, since there is a real game of super heroes, mutants, but never real football, all due to EA’s insane search for money, in a cruel and capitalist world, running away from biblical roots, where socialism prevailed, where everything belonged to everyone, and I say this because, all over the world, and in ea is no different, money matters, the quality of the game is in the background. Let's see the examples: a) a real game, if we analyze the professional tactical videos on the internet, we find that we need to put more squares in the game tactics in defense and one less in attack, the depth does not vary much, as well as the instructions because they depend, fundamentally, on defense and attack tactics for the team to work. The more we put less squares in the attack and one more always in the defense, we have diagonal marking and pressure in the ball sector, as it is in real life, but, for that, we need to play more for the ends, but what good is it? There is no goal, in this game, through a low cross, practically, and, most impressive, it can be the strongest cross of all, the defender does not even hit or hit and leave, he dominates, it is scary, and he leaves playing; b) when the opposing team is better, the ball hits several times and your player and you cannot get out of the sector, unless the opponent's goal comes out first, especially at the end of the first half, if the game is played. c) good goalkeepers, in real life, systematically fail, in dead balls, especially if we play with the tactic I said above, because the players depend on the block, which is closer, with fewer squares in the attack, then they move together and stay slower, then the goalkeeper misses more, the more they are away from each other, they get faster, but we lose the pressure mark in the whole game, as it is in real life ..... because, the closer the athletes from attack, in the example above, the harder the control is to move them, I think because they are closer, in the game’s programming, more complicated to move them… hence why, to play competitively, the professionals they choose not to go up the flanks, since there are no goals for the extremes and the game is predictable.

Anyway, it's sad, we don't have real football, unfortunately and, as we walk, we will be increasingly distant from that. Either you lock the flanks and go through the middle, so it’s better to have fewer squares in defense than in attack, but you don’t have pressure in the ball sector for 90 minutes, or you put the flanks on the support, with more squares in defense, then we will have pressure marking, but difficulty in making goals, because the middle rises less, to cover the side and low cross goals are very rare, a real game between Davi and Goliaths. the goal did not go out.

Peace and good to everybody.

God is alive.
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