Big improvements are needed for Pro Clubs in FIFA 21

First of all, let me say that the changes made to FIFA 20 Pro Clubs are actually a step back. The whole idea of playing with your friends and having a blast has been destroyed.
It's obvious that the gameplay is horrible, so I want to focus on the other aspects.

- No more zoomed in replays, so you can barely see your created character celebrating with the characters your friends made resulting in hilarious celebrations
- The limitations on making faces are too strict. It was fun to make stupid looking faces. Last year we had a team with 3 stupid faces and 1 incredibly handsome face. Give those moments back.
- Fix the freaking statistics and progress meters.
- Let us change the faces a or looks from the NPC's in our team. Those can be limited but at least it will look more diverse. Also changing their names would be good.
- Can we have normal east asian faces in FIFA in general? For years it looks so bad.
- Most kit and badges customizations are needed, give us more freedom. You're probably afraid people will make some sexual or racist stuff, which I understand. But if you improve your report system, it shouldnt be that bad.

Now I'm probably talking to a wall right now, I've been around on the EA FIFA forums for many, many years.
But I had free time and it's just sad that compared to last year, me and my friends barely played it.
It's in potential the best mode out there.

But I guess that's the whole focus of leaving Pro Clubs in the dust, by focussing on FUT for more profit.
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