Deniz Undav SBC out now!

1633 posts Play-Off Hero
Who's excited about this? Anyone? No?


  • A5B
    3830 posts National Call-Up
    Actually yeah, looks a really nice card if you can deal with the 3* skills.
  • O_Tse_Go
    125 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    who is this guy ? 🤭
  • LiTTl3_King15
    480 posts Sunday League Hero
    Yep just completed him he looks really good except for the skills but has 5 star wf will link to werner and havertz in my team now or I can link him with werner and pim litmanen so can get him on good Chem.
  • RayS
    37827 posts International Superstar
    Nice for ROTW to get a bit of content even if it's just a token 1 player per league gesture from EA
  • RayS
    37827 posts International Superstar
    He looks really good tbf the more I look at his IGS. could be worth throwing into a team with some German or icon links.
  • DannySTFC
    10388 posts Has That Special Something
    Nah, objective card looks interesting though, I’ll just be doing him for more fodder
  • IxToMxI
    8259 posts League Winner
    Why is he so bad at pens?
  • Pnub
    1098 posts Professional
    Med/low work rates are a killer for me as I just can't get on with medium attacking strikers just going missing in games. Not too bad at cam though
  • Gnomenclature
    8266 posts League Winner
    Really nice poor man's game breaker card lol.

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