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I’m a sprintaholic and I think it’s needs to change for me to get good.

How much do you guys sprint?


  • Muzza11
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    I never let go of the right trigger :lol:. I run at every one and force them into a mistake. I’ll even run my CB’s into midfield to press.
  • Diggy
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    Sprint more in defence than I do in attack
  • TimRUFC
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    Only usually when chasing back or when clean through on goal. Better to dribble and create space for your attackers. This is probably why I rate Nani so highly tbh because his close control and dribbling are absolutely amazing in the cam position he can create space with a simple shoulder drop for my strikers
  • Blackpoolmonster
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    Rarely use sprint in defence, and when attacking I hardly use it in my own half. Only usually use sprint when triggering runs or through on goal or straight after LB for a boost.
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