HL Ney and FB MBappe, or their Tots version?

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I have 10 mil to purchase a front 4 in a 4231. I was leaning towards tots Neymar, but after looking at his headliner card there arent and noticeable differences that warrant a 2.5m higher price.

I guess my question is if there is a bigger performance difference between HL Ney and tots Neymar, or Tots MBappe and FB MBappe


  • Purplejacket
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    havent used him yet, hoping to save up another mil for him, hopefully from rewards. But runthefutmarket said no, there wasnt any noticeable difference. The fact they only uppednhim strength by like 6 or something is dumb. The strength wouldve been a game changer for him.
  • kraid
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    I’ve gone for hl Neymar and fb mbappe. I play mbappe at st and Neymar at cam, I think if I was gonna play mbappe wide I’d probably use the totssf version instead and maybe splash out on the totssf Neymar with the left over coins. Having two 5*5* through the middle is pretty nice
  • Moe_86
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    I used both , there is no noticeable difference. I will take Hl Neymar with close eyes
  • Lackosweat
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    HL Neymar and TOTS CR7 + some cheap OP TOTS cards.
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