How important to play rivals/wl?

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Ok. I don't. I'm playing squad battles (objectives and to get some packs to open) and friendlies. Friendlies don't count, so I can play unlimited games with my icons.

About to get 94 Pirlo for Nagbe. Subbing on Fuenzalida for now. I know I can make sure Golovin gets 8 chemistry.

Shouldn't take long to get Ronaldinho loan, also unlimited of course. Created this club about a month ago.

Isn't this a nice way to play fut? Less stressful, no points, divisions etc. No rewards either though, for friendlies.



  • abhreebhu_45
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    If u favor sanity,, wl should b avoided
  • Chavez76
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    if you only play versus AI, I'd pick up playing another game mode personally.
    But, if you like it that way, kudo's! Anyone should enjoy the game they want it!
  • URBirdman
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    I have seen some people playing loan icons with chem style in friendlies, now I finally see someone speaking out on the forum...

    To be honest with you, weekend league does not need to be stressful if you do not have high target rank. I found it pretty casual to only play for 11 wins and stop there. And if you don't hit high "form" in weekend league, there are much less tryhards and toxic people compared to rivals.

    So if you want to play some vs human games, I recommend weekend league. Just give up hard games, stop at 11 wins, and don't try hard. It won't be super stressful.
  • Kaldmann_X
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    Friendlies are against humans.
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