PIM to glory

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Getting bored of the game so just sold baby Eusebio to free up some coins and try new players.

In the process, I'm going to buy a PIM icon and see if I can get them to 500 goals by the end of the game cycle.

I'm currently set on PIM Kaka as he can play ST in my main team and CM in my fun team.

Who would you suggest I use and why? 4.2m budget so not R97 etc.


  • WarrenBarton
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    You could maybe squeeze Kaka, Garrincha and Baggio out of 4.3mill
  • klaas9
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    Sold Eusebio myself two weeks ago and invested in PIM Dalglish and PIM Drogba. No regret super deadly duo.
  • kraid
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    Just picked up kaka to play wide cams,. Fantastic so far
  • SomeNextGuy
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    PIM Maradona would be very fun.
  • joehuk
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    edited June 2020
    kraid wrote: »
    Just picked up kaka to play wide cams,. Fantastic so far

    Is he good?

    I have untradable zidane mid that plays central cam but he's just standing out as I'd hoped.

    Have 2.3m ish and Kaka pim around that torn between

    Ronaldhino mid
    Kaka pim
    Socretes pim
    ADP pim
    Nedved pin
    Maradonna prime
  • Lackosweat
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    Stick with Kaka
  • Bags
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    PIM Maradona would be very fun.

    I had him a while back and found him spectacularly underwelming. Not enough stamina to play CAM and when you play him ST his positioning was awful. He dropped back into midfield far too often and isnt as fast off the mark as you think he should be. This was before TOTS too so everyone didnt have 90+ pace defenders.

    Oh and 3* WF which doesnt bother me that much but it really did feel like a 3*. tots Griezmann who i have untradable and who now plays up front is miles better for a 6th of the price
  • newguy
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    PIM Kaka is the best seriously, he scores almost as much as my 2 sts combined from CAM. So fun to use but also so lethal.
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