Is it the servers or my connection? Need to compare gameplay..

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Recently, my gameplay has been of an 'acceptable' but still far from perfect standard. However, today and last night it has been embarrassingly lethargic. My 98 pace players feel like they're running in sand that goes up to their knees.. Anyone else finding the gameplay to be absolutely horrid right now?


  • Scutch
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    *right now = almost every single week.
  • I have this 100% of the time. Fifa requires very specific connection scenarios to enable the perfect gameplay that every player should get. Unfortunately EA don’t publish technical data on connection requirements just a basic description. I’ve heard that high divisions players use a wired mobile connection connected to a power line adapter or gaming modem switch like the net gear nighthawk which prioritises Fifa only. I’ve not tried it yet but I’m working on it. It’s my last straw otherwise it will be PES for me, strange how PES gameplay is always responsive yet Fifa is all over the place randomised.
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