CF --> CAM Card

9 posts Ball Boy
Will you do something about this???? It is absoultely impossible to get one of these. I could sit at my pc for several hours constantly refreshing looking to buy one of these and the second one pops up it is snapped up and theres nothing i can do, without using an auction bot, to be any faster.

It is a ridiculous situation that you have allowed to happen that it is impossible through fair and normal methods to aquire one of these cards . . and no, i am not proposing you take the easy way out and increase the max price to 20k . . just add more to packs. This cant have been your intention can it? Im not going to go and buy fifa points and take a chance on packing one . . its not like i ever pack anything over an 82 in any packs lately anyway.

Stop ignoring PC users, the only reason i have Origin Premium at the moment is to get FIfa, i wont bother if this is how you manage the PC community.
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