The Unofficial-Official Clown Town FC Fraud List



  • Even EL Carlos is massive still for me lol
  • Muzza11
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    After this WL I can confirm I’m adding PIM Zambrotta to the list, man got bullied by everyone.
  • sturges12345
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    Add prime dalglish and fb militao to this please
  • Mr_footballer1
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    This thread is funny. Any card can be a fraud on this game or any card can be insane, it just depends what conditions allow
  • jpsblue
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    I am very close to adding FB Militao to my fraud list. He started off so dominantly when I did him when he first came out but now he loses so many duels and does these weird animations where he just falls over when he’s shoulder to shoulder to someone

    Might buy PIM Ferdinand to replace him or wait to see if they release a SH Lenglet
  • Mr_Matchup1
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    Not seen anyone mention tots osimhen :*
  • Theomanny
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    Ive deleted game since last week and log off forum as well. Just checking today to see whats up and i found this funny thread lol. Now i am gonna list the frauds that made me rage delete my team last week. Now i miss the game but holding strong and wont pre order next year until i know delay is minimal next year. Tired of losing to noobs cos of delay.

    Here is this list.

    Tots gnabry. What a pile of ❤️❤️❤️❤️. The guy is literally blind. The amount of misplaced passes made me the first to go before I deleted my club. That card isnt right at all lol

    Fb modric. Weak and misplaces passes as well even though 99 vison.

    Moment Cyprian. No difference from his gold card. Falters when under pressure and wont turn quickly.

    Fb boateng. Put him in my team and everything went to ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Had to change half of my team to fit him in. Big regret.

    Pim laudrup. I actually quick sold him after a wl months ago.

    Tots orsic. Yes this man is the biggest fraud of all. He was the final nail in the coffin towards deleting my team. What a freaking waste man.

    Moment sane. Was the first sbc to go into sbc after 15 games. All fake stat through.

  • Muzza11
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    Not seen anyone mention tots osimhen :*

    I actually quite like him, he’s a bit clunky but his finishing and strength are really good.
  • DeanoZoff
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    Not seen anyone mention tots osimhen :*

    Absolute donkey
  • joehuk
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    Add prime dalglish and fb militao to this please

    Not just me with prime dalglish. Packed him in a prime pack was buzzing since his base was incredible for me.

    But his prime feels absolute terrible not sure what's up with the card he cannot control a ball and doesn't feel like he has any pace
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