A substitute will get 5 chemistry in this case?

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Decided to get 91 Hradecky as he looks like good value for the coins. Got first owner Sven Bender in my club, and put him in CB to give Hradecky full chemistry.

Bender got 7 chemistry. Planning to switch someone else to CB with custom tactics and sub on 92 Fuenzalida for Bender. Will Fuenzalida get 5 chemistry even if Bender only got 7? Will the team chemistry affect Fuenzalida if it's not 100?


  • CustardHippo
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    Every sub gets 5 chem regardless of where you play them. You can play a CB at ST and would still get 5 chem. It doesn’t matter what chem the play you swap out has. Not sure about team chemistry though - assume the play is standard 5 chem regardless of your team chem if being subbed on.
  • RadioShaq
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    It’s 5 chem if team chem is 100. You can find the formula in the pitch notes about chemistry.
  • Rendevous_star
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    Chemistry is irrelevant anyway. Just think about the amount of goals Kent gets as a super sub on 5 chemistry
  • Kaldmann_X
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    Ok, cheers. I've subbed on GK before, and wasn't great, so worried about subs. Fuenzalida is top though, and outfield player.
  • Koning Spijker
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    Yesterday I was doing objectives with some Russian League players and some lesser known Senegalese players. I had 1 spot free as ST. So I placed FB Cardozo there, the man destroyed full PL TOTS teams, only on 4 chem
  • Kaldmann_X
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    Lol, nice. I put Glik as ST when I played for objectives player, for chemistry, and wasn't hard to score with him before he got subbed off 😆
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