Squad battles fun?



  • Dave2829
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    I hate squad battles makes me feel like I'm stupid for not knowing that a player with 90+ pace can't beat a player with 50- pace in a foot race.plus everyone knows a bronze gk is better than a tots GK. Not to mention ai controlled team with less than 50 chem can still achieve a 90+ passing percentage at end of game
  • Bagd
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    Ballerson wrote: »
    Hubbabubba wrote: »
    A Heel to Heel usually "stuns" the defender and you can more or less walk around them.

    Thanks. Will give it a try I suppose or just screw the squad based altogether — just going to throw the new card in for the moura or other sbc cards... so its all fodder to me.

    Not just heel to heel. Pretty much any skill move. Also watch for their players locking onto you. Then just pull them out of defence and pass around them
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