Yo, Market Gurus, is Josef going down on Friday?

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I missed his POTM on early game for a lack of coins. And here I'm again, with only 140K on the bank and seeing him go for 470. I now the price is inflated because the card just got out, but I could get it selling my PIM Bergkamp. Although I don't want to get rid of this version of the Iceman yet (26 goals and 9 assists in 28 games). I have PIM Laudrup from Swaps on the bench, and he can do the false 9 job. But Dennis is way more clininal.

Do you think that Josef could go down to the 300K region? I know that he's hard to link and all, but those stats looks crazy. I'm not a market guru, but I don't see that card losing too much till July. What do you think?

Thanks in advance!


  • Ben
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    Absolutely ...so many packs are going to be ripped he could go down as low as 150k
  • Stav93
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    If not on Friday, he will absolutely be bargain basement come Saturday night/Sunday, but it's hard to see anyone maintaining their price on Friday with the amount of packs being opened.
  • Bakudu76
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    Yes. Overpriced af
  • BadSeedsFC
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    Thank you very much my friends. PIM Iceman is not going anywhere. And we will be patient for Josef.
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