Team Pressing button

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Why is this feature in the game, it is completely broken.

It either works ridiculously well and makes it near on impossible to play against or it just literally does nothing and your players are acting as if you are on drop back mode.

When I am 2-0 and I hear the commentator say 'the managers called for his team to press further up the pitch', I know I am in for a load of ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that follows.
Why do we as players have to deal with playing against superhuman AI, in a human vs human match?
It doesn't mean the player you're against is better at FIFA than you as it is literally purely AI piling on the pressure, nothing to do with the actual player whatsoever.

You quickly find that your team on 5 depth and press on heavy touch are sat so deep that you have 0 passing options as all players are marked and the tactics you have set on your players to 'Run in behind' means pretty much the opposite.

I use Team Press button myself and 50% of the time it works and 50% of the time your players just stand there and watch whats happening, its an absolute joke and should be completely removed from online competitive play.

I get you can't control 11 players at once but a mechanic that either boosts your players as if they're on steroids or completely does the opposite should not be in the game, or at least weekend league.
Just let people have their tactics pre match and thats it. You can change tactics mid game, fine...
You either set your team up to press, or you set them up the drop back.... or constant pressure or whatever.

Don't have this added 'Team Pressing' or 'Overload ball side' bullsh!t - why is this even needed?
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