Experience Points in Career Mode

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I have a question regarding the experience points (starting Fifa, playing games, signing players, etc) that we can gain playing career mode.

I just noticed that I only can gain 2,000 Points per day.

677,891 on 29May2020
679,891 on 30May2020
681,891 on 31May2020

Is this limit to how many points someone can gain new or did I never noticed it before?

first I thought it has samething to do that I switched between Fifa 20 and 19 then I thought that it might have something to do with the EA-servers, so I started writing down my points when I started Fifa. And the adding of points stops exactly after 2,000 points per day.

Does anybody knows if this is new (or if I missed it the couple of years).

Thanks in advance.
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