Who are your subs who will come on every game?

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mine are
In: totssf rafa, totssf rashford and 89 mane
Out: gold messi, mid Ronaldinho and prime hagi (poor stamina barca trio)

No Ryan Kent or Adama in my squad


  • lIlIlIlIlIl
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    Opara - as soon as the game starts. Sadly I don't have Kent, but if I did it, he'd come on as well.
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    Opara at KO.

    Then a mixture between

    TOTSSF Immobile
    Moments Bernardo Silva
    Moments Jota

    Depending on what way the game is going will decide who comes on.
  • HelloDearie
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    FB Bellerabi
    TOTS Falcao
    TOTS Gnabry

    They have been my choices this WL.
  • Sodan70
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    TOTS Alexander Arnold - usually in midfield.
  • DannySTFC
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    Red TOTS Cuadrado was my main option this weekend, but I’m not in a routine of bringing the same players on every game every week. TOTS Vardy, Rashford, Visca, HL Adama are the go to pacey wide men.
  • nexesstar
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    Opara at KO.
  • Dead_Dave
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    Musonda + Rooney
  • RexAnglo1066
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    James, Martinez, Diaz, Robertson.
  • Jesusdinho
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    Muller and Quaresma replace Neymar and Maradona pretty much every game. If a midfielder is low on stamina it's either Gabriel or Sabitzer, Nkunku got a few games as a defensive winger today.
  • Mackie17
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    Tots dybala, Simon + KO tevez
  • Ben
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    I don’t make any subs usually....maybe cazorla off in WL if it goes to extra time. If so I bring on visca.
  • HeronnnnnnN
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    FS Joao Felix
  • Hades
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    OTW Promes
    TOTSSF Cazorla
  • Crowie
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    TOTS Giovinco or Fekir for PIM Bergkamp.

    Visca for either TOTS Griez or Promes.

    SS Mbabu for FB VIDAL.

    Mbabu is like a bull in a china shop late on running around and closing down attacks. I am considering replacing him with TOTS TAA though,

    Also have FB Rooney on bench by he doesn’t get on as much now.
  • CallumBaby
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    totssf rashford
    totssf lautaro
    totssf di maria
  • kraid
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    Tots vardy/Suarez/idrissi or kostic to sure things up.
  • Dan_orme
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    Totssf Rafa
    Totssf Saul
  • Wooly1203
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    Usually bring these three on around the 60-70 minute depending on how the game is going.
    FB Rooney
    Tots Rafa
    Tots Henderson
  • Frankfurter
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    Fuenzalida or/and Tonali
  • spy
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    TOTS Simon If I am chasing a game otherwise depends which of my team has been playing badly and I want to sub off.
  • Hubbabubba
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    Totssf Insigne & Giovinco.
  • [Deleted User]
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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • PaulDr
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    Benzema tottsf
    Insigne totssf
    Gabriel totssf
  • alvchong
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    Totssf Rafa, Elkeson, Pedro.
    Previously Kent, Rooney, James.
  • 16Townley90
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    FB Witsel comes in for Goretzka if his stamina is gone usually if I chased the game and came back

    TOTSSF Giovinco comes in at CAM for PIM Socrates and he scored 2 really important goals in the 119th minute to win games today.

    TOTSSF Adama comes on for Mahrez or Neymar depending on how the cames going.
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