Kick off goals

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Anyone else suffering from these more recently.since the patch it seems I can’t stop my players from standing and watching the opposition player waltz through and score.3 in 1 game 2 in another and that’s just from today.


  • Kobayashi
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    Offside trap straight away
  • Jrmcsorley85
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    Snap the c unt and quit.
  • Gromit
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    In all of FUT 20 I've conceded less than 5, probably scored less than 5 too. But today I did literally run straight down the middle twice and got into the box.

    They've definitely been addressed this year, you can still beat the midfield with ease but the CBs are far more wise to it now, they sit a lot deeper and you basically have to do a skill move to beat them.
  • Iron_works
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    Yeah it’s only been the past week or so That I’ve been concedeing them before that it wasn’t a problem
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