The Wrong Manager (in match)

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For months I've had to put up with the wrong manager "in match". Every caption my manager was being used for the opposition and this manager for my side.

Despite my thousands of games I had not seen him manage the opposition until just now. He is "Lazaro Godau" - Portuguese manager (bronze card).

Has anyone else seen this? I don't even own him.


  • ManC2020
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    This has been happening since the beta. I sent a post to the techs way back then and got a "we're working on it" response. But it still goes on in my game since day one.

    Instead of Zidane coaching, it's bloody Lazaro clapping his hands all the time. Zidane just sits there looking pissed off.

    Don't bother asking for a fix, it shan't happen mate.
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