rank rivals

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Make it happen, we all know "division" rivals cant remain like it is for fifa 21.

Have it like sb so everyone starts the week on 0, play as many as possible (like now) but yes can take in objectives like it does anyway and clearly is a good part to the game but this would just stop any need to lose on purpose/ quit.

So yes play 100 games, score 5+ goals would egt you 95,000 points which yes would think that would be enough for rank 1 (love to know say highest points scores in a week??).

Ranks could be like champs/sb so top 100 elite 1-3...bronze 1-3 so love to know where 95k points lies within them?

Therefore as you go along you can think right ok in elite 1 that's good, i'll try to get objectives with Spanish defenders, lobbed through balls with 4* skill. score with bronze player, etc etc etc. Yes you might not get as many rank points but you get objective etc etc but really is much better way of combining all this into a much more fun/goal driven mode rather than the tosh it is now.

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