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Afternoon all

Just a curiosity really - I want to know what tactics everyone uses and if these tactics massively effect how far people get in weekend league.

Would you guys mind sharing what rank you get each weekend and the different tactics you have configured on ultra def, def, balanced etc etc?

I'll start, I'll add only the tactics that I have changed and the ones that I use most often.
Also my rank largely depends on how game-play is on the weekend.
If its smooth I'll get Elite 2/3. If its bad I'll stop at gold 2 (don't like gold 1 rewards)

Ultra defensive
Balanced Defence -
Width 4
Depth 3
Width 6
Players in box 6
Corners 2
Free Kicks 2

Keeper - come for crosses - sweeper
Defence - all stay back
Wingers - come back on defence
Midfielders - one on stay back cover centre / the other on balanced cover centre
Cam - stay forward
Striker - get in behind stay forward

Press after possession loss
Width 4
Depth 5
Width 5
Players in box 4
Corners 2
Free Kicks 2

Keeper - same as above
Defence - same as above
Wingers - Come back on defence + get in behind
Midfielders - same as above
CF - same as above
Striker - same as above

My tactics that I use in the last 10 minutes if I am losing is:

Ultra Attacking
Constant Pressure
Width 5
Depth 7
Width 5
Players in box 7
Corners 5
Free kicks 5

Keeper - same as above
Defence - same as above
Wingers - Stay Forward get in behind aggressive interceptions
Midfielders - one on stay forward, aggressive interceptions, cover centre, one on balanced aggressive interceptions and cover centre
CF - stay forward and aggressive interceptions
Striker - stay forward, get in behind and aggressive interceptions

Sorry for the lengthy post, but these usually secure me elite on a good weekend.

I did play a weekend league with no tactics at all and that was a horror show, so I think they're fairly important.


  • gregsii
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    this gained a lot of traction :D
  • Kobayashi
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    Honestly tried them all, doesn't matter, having to play 532 at the minute try keep clean sheet, 433 is too open, 41212 possession is only way of combating high press, 352 when your 3-0 down
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