Those thinking pay per win....

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I pay, always have never hidden the fact.

I just bought todays 10 Premium players packs.

3 rare, 12 gold players.

In those 10 packs, not one player over 82 rated.



  • M1ll3nium
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    I have had ❤❤❤❤ luck as well this year. But had some leftover points yesterday and card prices were crazy so figured lets have a go.
    On the companion app so no suspense but banger packs.

    5 promo mega packs. Pack 1 tots Tagliafico and an 83, 2nd pack 85 higuain and an 84, 3rd pack two 83, 4th pack nothing 5th pack 88 Sterling and an 83. The 83's and 84's all sold for between 5 and 10k as well.

    Tots chances for these packs were like 3% and 87+ 6%. Finally lucked out a bit
  • tommyboyo
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    I don't think PTW means pack luck anyway.

    How many cards does anyone pack that go into their teams?

    More the amount of coins you can generate if you buy countless packs (assuming as well, that at some stage you will get the odd good pull to boost the coffers even further).
  • Wonderfulwest
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    It’s pay to gain a small advantage. Just because you have top players don’t mean you win. I’ve played loads of absurd teams and people controlling them have no thumbs
  • Supermario911
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    Sorry mate, it's people that pay for packs that will make EA never improve the game

    There's no need for them, unless people stop spending money or another decent football game is released
  • OZero
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    Pay per win?
  • Paquetesousa
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    Pay to win means using actual money to get the best players, not necessarily beat pack luck.

    However, this game is not pay to win at all, considering that players don’t play to their stats, it’s all random
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