Going unassigned for tots ligue 1

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Hi all,
I never went unassigned, but as I think I’ll try to do many ligue 1 upgrades next week, I would try to prepare to make it easier and faster (and if I can save some coins by buying now even better, even if I don’t care that much ). I’ve two questions :

- any way to do it from web app?
- Let’s say I do it from console (if I find the time to do it today ...), so I bid on 11 players, 50 of each , will make building the teams faster . Then I send them to the unassigned, so I’d would have about 550 players . But when I’ll use one of each in the sbc’s, will I be able to go to the screen and « send to club » one of each player , or will I only see 50 time the same one and have to do something with him ?
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