Is Using Attribute Card in Friendlies Cheating?

LFC Simon 98
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Yes that’s a serious question

2 mates played a game. One used attribute cards and didn’t say anything until he scored with one of the players and it showed up and now they somehow fallen out over it.

So yea, attribute cards vs friends

Is Using Attribute Card in Friendlies Cheating? 31 votes

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Not Cheating
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  • Cloudio7
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    It's always cheating. They should remove them and find something else to fill packs. Lost a game in DR today because of them: all of his players with gold attribute card on.
  • LeonidasJB
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    Using them at all is horrible.
    Shouldn't be in the game.
    The mate that used them is being sweaty af and snide.
    If 1 had a much better team and they had agreed the other could use them, that would be ok.
  • Andy99TradeZ
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    Not Cheating
    not really cheating but its a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ move
  • LFC Simon 98
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    Okay yes should have clarified. Not cheating In the sense of breaking the game more just poor form
  • Sercs
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    Guess if he’s sneakily doing it.. it’s poor form. Was he trying to even up the teams?
  • ORANGEeffect05
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    Naughty boy
  • cdbuck26
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    I wouldn't have a problem with it but it's not a very gentlemanly
  • RadioShaq
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    I wouldn’t say cheating but depends what they agreed to before the game. If one has a better team and the other uses attributes I would think that would be ok. I guess it would be no different than if you wanted no subs or a certain formation or time wasting and agreed to it before game and then did it. If there was no rules can’t really blame someone.
  • Maverick
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  • Diggy
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    WFCBagnall wrote: »
    ▪️They shouldn't be on the game altogether

    Along with all consumables just get rid of them all

    I really enjoy spending 5 to 10 minutes spamming the market for a 5k CF -CAM card

    This is most productive
  • Keano
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    If you're using them in friendlies then it's not a friendly.

  • LFC Simon 98
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    Sercs wrote: »
    Guess if he’s sneakily doing it.. it’s poor form. Was he trying to even up the teams?

    The guy who used them has a much better team I think is why they kicked off.

    He hadn’t mentioned it until he scored with Dalglish and you could see the attribute card on him
  • BrentfordFC
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    Not Cheating
    He didn’t act unfairly to gain advantage cos they both could do it. But it’s a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ move :joy:
  • Humma78
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    I'd be too ashamed to admit I had friends who fell out over fifa!
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