Is it EA servers or is it a cheater

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I played a guy on xbox rivals as I was doing objectives for the fodder.

Dude has a horrible squad, maybe 70 chem, maybe 68 skill.

The guy killed me — 4 0...he had Pere Pons 66 pace/agility 67 agility running circles around my 90s rated squad all game — no drain like all 99 stats, he had cbs of carlos hernandez 49 pace. Sun 69 pace 67 defense...incould go on...his ai had his team blazing around mine..i was laughing and woulda just quit but wanted to copy his squad and username so I could report him for cheating...

It was unreal the advantage in speed, tackling etc ... How do people get away with this on a console as it was on Xbox.

I reported him for cheating — his team was wearing a jersey that is very near the ea servers as described in the pitch notes....

I don’t get how he can cheat like this or how dismal eas platform must be to allow this...
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