New patch question

Currently managing Notts forest and having fun but think I'm gonna have 1 more season.
I was looking at going to Germany or Milan as I vaguely know about the glitch in la liga with the white screen.

The new patch has supposedly fixed this but I havnt played in a few years so can't remember how things work.

Does the new patch take effect during my career mode or do I have to start a new career mode for it to take effect?

Also while I'm here what is the latest you still get job offers and if I get a new job do I finish the season with my current team or start my new job straight away?


  • flcinusa
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    Should be fine, only career mode that require restarts is database changes like starhead updates or in-season transfers
  • Great, thanks for reply, don't suppose you know about job offers?

    When do they stop happening during a season?
    The day after my last game of the season can I still apply for a job?

    I don't fancy having to leave the team before the seasons over.
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